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MUNG 「夢」



Heartily, as for the Lord

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We believe passion drives success.


Our niche legal advisory lies in the sectors we care deeply about:

Blockchain, Cloud, AI and Data Technology

Biotechnology & Life Sciences


Art Auction, Art Frauds  & Art-Tech (including NFT)

Within these sectors:

Corporate & Commercial Work

(including IPO & M&A)

Private Wealth & Investments

Commercial & Civil Litigation 


(including HKIAC, LCIA and others)

Fraud (including cyber and white-collar crimes)   

Intellectual Property Rights

(trademark, copyright and patent)

Social Impact Sector:

Personal Injuries


Matrimonial Legal Advisory

Bankruptcy & Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA)

Committee of Estate (for persons alleged to be mentally incapacitated)


We host legal summits, Authentic Conversations and webinars where our community of clients and business associates may engage in meaningful conversations.

Leave us a message to introduce your expertise or business interest.

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Women Legal Innovators

Community of talented women legal practitioners co-founded by Alice Namuli Blazevic and Monin Ung, we believe not only in strength in numbers, from all corners of the world, but power in charging our knowledge and capabilities with technology. 

Leave us a message if you're a legal practitioner, law tech or legal tech enthusiast and wish to join our directory and events. 



The Mung7Art journey takes the form of engagement with professionals and experts in the art, tech and law disciplines allowing for a powerful platform to learn, exhibit and engage in debate and discourse. 

Leave us a message if you wish to join our directory and events. 

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