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MUNG takes efforts in fostering startups in the formative stages, and appreciates that every Founder Entrepreneur will face difficult challenges when starting a business. Typically, that Founder Entrepreneur will turn to fellow entrepreneurs, mentors, former colleagues, incubators and friends for initial advice and assistance. That may be in respect to writing a business plan, formulating a budget, determining a corporate structure, raising funding or filing documents with the Companies Registry. Whatever it is, starting a business in Hong Kong is never as straight forward and easy as it may appear.

MUNG appreciates that timely practical legal advice is critical in the formative stages of any startup business, not least because “getting it wrong” could negatively impact not only on growth and financing opportunities and could also adversely affect the Founder Entrepreneur’s own equity and value in that startup business.

MUNG has been actively involved with startups in Hong Kong for many years, and so we fully understand that every Founder Entrepreneur wants his or her own “In House Counsel”, pragmatic lawyers who are immediately and regularly accessible and who can answer day to day questions and provide clear and strategic advice.


Legal technology is already making inroads into disclosure of documents for litigation (e-Discovery), knowledge management, due diligence, contract analysis and review, and practice management. Our lawyers are actively involved in the development of Legal Tech, working together with on our own legal tech solution. The key objective is to develop and exploit leading-edge machine learning tools for corporates.

On the near horizon are exciting advances in tech-assisted drafting, legal analytics, contract and document automation and online dispute resolution. The business of providing legal advice is changing too, and many predict that the sector must remould itself under powerful disruptive forces stemming from technological advances. Tomorrow’s attorneys will work very differently.

What are the key technologies? Artificial intelligence, and in particular deep learning, have opened up new vistas for legal tech. Very rapid advances in natural language processing (NLP) mean that applications can uncover and exploit semantic similarities in legal documents, making possible augmented drafting tools.

But unsupervised learning, adversarial methods, and reinforcement learning approaches are all being developed at pace in one of the hottest tech sectors globally. There are hundreds of legal tech startups around the world. MUNG's legal tech solution is adept at serving their legal needs. Tech startups are groundbreakers, and they often require bespoke regulatory advice from us.

Legal tech is disruptive. Workplace change is inevitable and can be difficult to manage. Helping companies in the throes of tech disruption leans also on our wider capabilities in employment and corporate services.


The most valuable asset class in the world today is data, and the most valuable sub-set of data is personal data. Each act relating to personal data creates legal issues. Collection, use, processing, transfer, storage and deletion of personal data all have specific rules and regulations that must be followed. Failure to do so may result in a data breach with serious commercial and even criminal consequences. This is the sophisticated and complex world of personal data privacy.

Experienced lawyers in MUNG’s Privacy practice provide contentious and non-contentious legal advice, including that of website and application privacy advisory, in Hong Kong and the UK to international clients in relation to privacy, cybersecurity, data breach issues and investigations.

We provide legal services relating to personal data privacy, cybersecurity and data breaches.


Non-contentious advice


We regularly advise on:


  • privacy policies and information collection statements

  • privacy process and compliance reviews

  • legal issues to consider in privacy impact assessments

  • data processing and transfer agreements

  • Hong Kong issues in international personal data transfers and processing

  • privacy by design and privacy by default advice

  • management of responses to data access requests

  • privacy issues in emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing and 5G

  • privacy issues in specific sensitive industry sectors, such as healthcare, life sciences, and education


Contentious and crisis advice


A data breach has the potential to seriously affect the reputation, value and standing of a business. When a data breach occurs, the business must respond swiftly. Working in conjunction with experienced lawyers in our litigation team, we provide clients with strategic advice on data breaches and cybersecurity issues, and represent clients in any enforcement actions, regulatory inquiries, investigations or litigation that may follow. We will assist on issue identification; applicable law assessment; information and data collection; risk and harm assessment; notification assessment; and reporting requirement review.

MUNG lawyers aim to provide practical and commercial advice, acting responsively in accordance with clients’ needs and preferences. Our team of Privacy lawyers works closely with clients, engineering options to reach desired results.

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